Yildiz Park

Address: Çırağan Caddesi No. 32 Çırağan Sarayı Beşiktaş 

Yildiz Park is a large wooded park in the Besiktas district of Istanbul, beginning down at Ciragan Caddesi, which runs parallel to sea towards Ortakoy, and covering much of the sloping hillside leading up to the late-Ottoman-era Yildiz Sarayi, Yildiz Palace, for which the park is named. Formerly the sultan's hunting grounds; the park is open to the public and is a popular area to go picnicking. The park has a number of picturesque Ottoman "köşks", villas/pavilions.http://www.theguideistanbul.com/spots/view/864/yildiz-park/

  • Yildiz Park

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