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Miniaturk is the perfect way to visit all the sites of Turkey - at a quarter the size. Boasting 120 models of iconic attractions of Istanbul, Anatolia, and the former Ottoman provinces, the park offers visitors a Godzilla-esque trek through battlefields, religious sites, and feats of architecture. In addition to traversing the successive shoulder-high minarets, smaller guests can enjoy a train ride or a romp on the giant chess set. Located up the Golden Horn in Sutluce, this small-scale marvel is a great day trip for families.
Operated Boat: You can cruise or compete by steering the boats at the pool.
Labyrinth Park and Chess Area: The Labyrinth Park and Chess Area situated between the Miniaturk Kids' Playground and Turkey and Istanbul Simulation tour area, enables children to have lots of fun playing brain boosting games.
Mini-land Kids' Playground: All play units have been considered, designed and deployed to ensure children enjoy their time at the Mini-land Kids' Playground. After an informative excursion at the outer space, Mini-land Kinds' Playground calls on all kids to have lots of fun.
Flyride Helicopter Tour Simulation: The first and only real-time simulation that covers all regions of a country... Composed of 3D helicopter and land shooting enriched by realistic effects such as wind, rain, snow and touch, the simulation offers different options for excursion.
Miniaturk Travel Train: Capacity of the Miniaturk Mini Train is 20 adults and children simultaneously. You can have fun and get to know the entire area at the same time.

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