Liliput Cocuk Oyun ve Cafe

Address: Cevdetpaşa caddesi No:31/1 Bebek Beşiktaş 
Phone: (0212) 263 7378 
Working Hours: Weekdays: 14:00 - 18:00 

Under professional supervision, Lilliput offers children a chance at the dream to run and play freely. For adults, it is a time machine that creates free hours they can devote to themselves.
2 year olds can play on the playground while you relax and watch the magic.
On an ideal playground at Lilliput, friends can play with your child, there are beautiful toys for each child, colorful tales are told, and outdoor adventures to be discovered! If you need to, you can leave your child for a few hours in a safe and relaxing environment.
Notes: Parents can leave their children with teachers. 
Languages: English 
  • Liliput Cocuk Oyun ve Cafe

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