Kuka Kids

Address: Merkez Mh. Eyüp Yolu Cd. No:15/B (Eğridere Sk. No:1) Gaziosmanpaşa 
Phone: (0212) 614 0246 
Web Site: www.kukakids.com 

Kuka Kids Child Training Tools are for pre-school education institutions, rehabilitation centers, and primary schools with all kinds of educational materials for classrooms. They are a company that is engaged in designing and manufacturing equipment, parks, gardens and playgrounds, as well as game systems.
They have an assortment of soft play items which they call “sets”. They provide educational developmental and movement training sets, desktop sets, wooden group sets, playgrounds and similar equipment available for classrooms.
80% of products sold are to businesses, while 20% is directed at individual customers.

  • Kuka Kids

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