Kilyos Beach

Address: Kilyos Sarıyer 
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The golden sands of Kilyos stretch out to the dark waters of the Black Sea. This resort village is located about 35 km from the city center and is a popular getaway for residents of Istanbul during the summer months, who come here to enjoy the sea breeze, refreshing waters or to party.
There is a wide range of accommodation available in Kilyos to suit all budgets including hotels, guesthouses and camping. Various beach clubs operate in partitioned areas including: Dalia Beach, NonStop Beach, Solar Beach and Uzunya Beach, which offer activities such as beach volleyball, sailing, trekking and windsurfing and have their own restaurants, bars and beach umbrellas.
Burc Beach belongs to Istanbul’s Bogazici University’s Alumni association and hosts a number of live DJ performances as well as the annual Kiteboardpro World Tour. Visitors are welcome though discounts are available for university students, alumni and BUMED members.
Though small, Kilyos village has a number of convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies as well as some decent restaurants and nightclubs. Many locals like to pick up supplies in the village and have a picnic on the beach.
The sea tends to be unpredictable at Kilyos, with big waves and dangerous rip currents passing through. Swimmers should exercise caution and check the conditions before venturing out, and should stay inside the cordoned off areas.

  • Kilyos Beach

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