Istanbul Toy Museum

Address: Dr. Zeki Zeren Sokak No. 17, Göztepe Kadıköy 
Phone: (0216) 359 4550 
Web Site: 
Working Hours: Weekdays: 09.30 - 18.00
Weekends: 09.30 - 19.00
Closed on Monday 

The Istanbul Toy Museum (İstanbul Oyuncak Müzesi) is a unique museum that appeals to anyone young enough to enjoy the showcased toys and old enough to appreciate the nostalgia.
Housed in a beautiful five-story baroque villa, which belongs to founder Sunay Akin, Turkish writer and poet, the Istanbul Toy Museum contains more than 4,000 unique toys in its collection, of which over a 1,000 has been collected from antique dealers and auctions from around the world. The museum is decorated by the professional stage designer Ayhan Dogan who designed each room in the museum to resemble a unique theater stage.
Located perpendicular to Bagdat Caddesi in Goztepe, in the Kadikoy district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the Istanbul Toy Museum has a small play site where young children can play and participate in diverse activities, seminars, and workshops organized by the museum.
The Istanbul Toy Museum also includes a small café that hosts birthdays and Sunday breakfasts, by request, for children as well as adults.
ACTIVITIES: Atolye and theatre activities are available for kids in the end of the week by reservation.

Notes: Children activities are available. Reservations are needed. 

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