Istanbul Grand Post Office

Address: Büyük Postane Cad. 25, Sirkeci Fatih 
Phone: (0212) 511 3818 

Turkey's largest post office building - Istanbul Main Post Office (Büyük Postane) - was designed by architect Vedat Tek in First Turkish National architectural style.
Initially planned for use as the building of Ministry of Post and Telegraph (Posta ve Telegraf Nezareti) in the Ottoman Empire, its construction began in 1905, and was completed in 1909. An inscription in Ottoman Turkish alphabet on the tiled panel above the main entrance denotes "Ministry of Post and Telegraph". The building was renamed "New Post Office" (Yeni Postane) in the 1930s, some time after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and later as the "Grand Post Office" (Büyük Postane).
On May 6, 2000, part of the building was converted into Istanbul Postal Museum. The museum informs visitors about the history of communication and telecommunication services in the country that officially began on October 23, 1840. The museum consists of four sections for post, telegraph, telephone and postage stamps.
The Main Post Office is situated close to the Spice Bazaar, New Mosque and Sirkeci Railway Terminal.

  • Istanbul Grand Post Office

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