Istanbul Aviation Museum

Address: Hava Harp Okulu Komutanlığı Hava Kuvvetleri Müzesi Komutanlığı, Yeşilköy Bakırköy 
Phone: (0212) 663 2490 
Web Site: 
Working Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00
Closed on Mondays 

The seeds of the Istanbul Aviation Museum (İstanbul Havacılık Müzesi) were first planted by Irfan Tansel, an air force commander who came up with the notion of establishing an aviation museum in Turkey. In 1963, he issued a warrant to protect special aircrafts and other units of the Air Force, and on May 15, 1971, Turkey’s first aviation museum officially opened in Cumaovasi. However, issues like runway repair and civil air traffic continually plagued the museum, and so construction began on a new location in Yesilkoy. In 1985, the new museum opened, and it continues to exist today.
The museum features numerous propeller aircrafts, jet airplanes, helicopters, and anti-aircraft missiles on display. A special hall of honor features aviation martyrs during wartime, and a display hall offers free film screenings for visitors. The museum also possesses an extensive inventory of weapons, including bombs and rocket launchers. Free parking, a souvenir shop, and an extensive collection of library archives are available on site.

  • Istanbul Aviation Museum

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