Address: Silahtarağa Caddesi No. 2/4 Eyüp 
Phone: (0212) 581 7878 
Web Site: 
Working Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-18:00
Closed on Mondays
Show Schedule: 14:00 

Open since December 2008, Dolphinarium is bursting with fun. The 8,695 square meter park includes 4 dolphins, 2 white whales, 4 seals along with their trainers. There are indoor and outdoor areas with 7 swimming pools, an arena for 1,000 spectators, restaurants and cafes, gift shops and a parking lot for 120 vehicles at the park also. 4 to 6 performances will be held Tuesday-Sunday. Educational classes will also be held for students.
Swimming with dolphins: Touching and hugging the dolphin is definitely giving a person a charge of positive energy. Their indoor pool with the sea water is heated during winter months, so you can swim with the dolphins all year around.
Diving with dolphins: As you get into the water, you will immediately feel that there is no need for any worry, because the dolphins Prince, Princess, Matilda and Gera, together with the beluga whale named Sea-farer, are exceptionally welcoming hosts. They will cheerfully meet and greet you underwater as you enter the pool. They will swim around you with grace and dynamism as if encouraging you to do the same.
Interaction with Dolphins: Dolphins & Kids Interaction Program: a chance to meet a dolphin in person.
At Istanbul Dolphinarium our guests of all ages can have an unforgettable new adventure! It is possible now to touch, hug and play together with the true stars of their shows - enchanting bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, to enjoy this exciting opportunity, now the participants of this program do not have to be able to swim…
Dolphin Assisted Therapy: Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) is a supportive alternative therapy mostly effective for children 3 - 16 years old.

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