Address: Büyükdere Cad. No: 22 Mağaza No: 136 Şişli 
Phone: (0212) 368 6900 
Web Site: www.istanbulcevahir.com 

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre, also known as Sisli Kultur ve Ticaret Merkezi (Sisli Culture and Trade Centre) is a modern shopping mall located in the Sisli district of Istanbul. Opened on 15 October 2005, Istanbul Cevahir was the largest shopping mall in Europe in terms of gross leasable area between 2005 and 2011, and is one of the largest in the world.
Istanbul Cevahir has a total floor area of 420,000 m2 and a gross leasable area of 110,000 square meters for shops and restaurants. The six retail floors of the shopping centre house 343 shops, 34 fast food restaurants and 14 exclusive restaurants.
The building's 2,500 square metered glass roof carries the second biggest clock in the world, with three-metre high digits.
The car park has an area of 71,000 square meters and the capacity to hold 2,500 cars, spread over four floors.
Other facilities include a large stage for shows and other events, 12 cinemas including a private theatre and a cinema for children, a bowling hall, a small roller coaster, and several other entertainment facilities.
For Kids: There is a giant entertainment complex for children called FunLab 2. The fun area is for children 2 years old and older and it is recommended that parents remain with their children in the lab.
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