Address: Üsküdar 

This quaint fishing village on the Bosphorus meaning ‘hook village’ is dotted with leafy trees and waterfront tea gardens while stately Ottoman era mansions rise up on the hill above. Though the area has become a residential hot-spot for Istanbul’s upper class, Cengelkoy still manages to exude a cozy charm.
Cengelkoy is well known for its high quality fish restaurants, where locals come to feast on fresh seafood washed down with chilled raki. If you manage to adopt the Turkish love of tea while in Istanbul, there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than at a Cengelkoy tea garden peering out at the little fishing boats and mighty Bosphorus Bridge with a steaming cay in hand.
It’s also worth stopping by Cengelkoy’s small Carsi (market), which has several boutique stores selling dried fruit, nuts and sweets.

  • Cengelkoy

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