Bagdat Street

Address: Kadıköy 

Bagdat Street never seems to end. This 6km long tree lined strip on the Asian side of Istanbul is packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, luxury car dealers and, of course, shops. From high end brands to large department stores and smaller boutiques, Bagdat Street is one of the most popular shopping districts in Istanbul.
Bagdat Street served as link between Constantinople and Anatolia for centuries. It was given its name in 1638 following the capture of what is now the Iraqi capital by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Over time it developed into a popular residential area for the city’s elite who built large mansions here.
Although many of these mansions were demolished to make way for newer apartment blocks, the Street remains one of the most desirable areas to live in Asian Istanbul due to its central location, close proximity to the Marmara Sea, and plethora of amenities.

  • Bagdat Street

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