Ayin Biri Church

Address: İstanbul Manifaturacılar ve Kumaşçılar Çarşısı (IMÇ), Unkapanı Fatih 
Working Hours: Every day

The Ayin Biri Church, which translates to “The First Day of the Month,” is located behind the Istanbul Manifaturacilar Carsisi. On the first day of each month, religious devotees of all faiths visit the site, where they purchase silver and gold keys that represent their wishes. If a person’s wish comes true, he / she must return the key to the church. Salesmen outside the gates sell different charms as well, which are believed to induce other successes in life.
Ayin Biri is an especially popular pilgrimage site given its location on the grounds of a sacred spring. Visitors from all over the world come to the spring, where they are allowed to bottle the blessed water for their own use.

  • Ayin Biri Church

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